How i run ads free on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to communicate, share or promote business or simply just connect and appreciate moments with loved ones.
It can as well, help a small, medium and large business owners gain more customers through the means of Facebook ads.
facebook ads
Free Facebook Ads

Now, what is a Facebook ad?
Facebook Ads is a paid to view/see information that appears in news feed of individuals using Facebook, it appears on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook and it can either appear in the right column of Facebook on desktop or on the News feed on mobile. Ad content is sometimes paired with news about social actions that your friends have taken, like liking or following a Page. 

But before you can run ads on Facebook, you must provide a valid credit card with enough funds or your bank information were you will be billed per the day the ads is being runned.

I want to show you how i run Facebook ads for free, as my headline explains but this is not something i will post online, Mark and the whole Facebook team are smarter than me. (Lol)
Here is how you will gain this knowledge with a little token, send a mail with the subject FREE FACEBOOK ADS to or ring me on 09027609728 i will get back to you immediately i receive your message